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Looking for a new home

If you are looking for a special friend, then look no furtherRonaldo is the most affectionate, funny, reliable horse you will ever meet. He is perfect for an amateur dressage rider because of his stunning looks, super social character, trustworthiness under the saddle, great rideability, three easy-to-sit paces and a soft mouth. He is a 5 y.o. Baltic Hannoverian gelding by Ron William x Carpaccio, and stands tall at 173-175 cm.


His preliminary schooling is now complete and he is ready for new challenges ahead. As I have owned him since day one, all former history is known. He has been patiently started by me and has never had a bad experience with a human in his life. He was given time to develop with no pressure, gadgets or tricks.


He is schooling L level with some lateral work, walk pirouettes, simple changes and counter canter. If you enjoy in-hand work, he has been well schooled in all lateral movements as well as some piaffe half steps. As a big horse, naturally he still needs to develop his balance, but he is always eager to learn and does his best, has never done anything wrong under the saddle. He can be ridden both inside, outside or in the countryside, alone or with other horses. Whilst riding, he is more on the quiet side. He is not hot at all, which is why he is probably perfect for someone who is a bit nervous, but responds to the aids very well and is light on the aids with a very light and easy contact.


His normal daily routine includes riding or groundwork as well as going out on a walker and private paddock. He has been allowed to grow up in a pasture within a small herd, and still very much enjoys his time outdoors. He is an easy keeper with no dietary requirements. He has good feet and may be kept barefoot. Never been seriously sick, lame or injured.


Ronaldo absolutely loves to socialize, especially to be groomed. He is super easy and a real gentleman in all of the normal stable activities: leading, catching, grooming, washing, farrier, loading, vet, dentist, deworming, etc., no stable vices. He craves contact with people and won‘t let you walk past his box without giving him a cuddle!


Located in Vilnius, Lithuania (approx. 48 km from Vilnius airport) and open to trying out and vetting. Sadly only for sale due to time constraints and not being able to give the horse the attention he wants and deserves, therefore a good home is a priority! For more detailed information please contact via email:


Individualios praktinės treniruotės su Jūsų žirgu, skirtos raitelio sėdėsenai, žirgo valdymui lavinti, ruošiantis varžyboms, sprendžiant treniravimo problemas


Dienos ar savaitgalio trukmės intensyvūs praktiniai kursai, skirti dalintis idėjomis, akiračiui plėsti ar tais atvejais, kai reguliari pagalba neįmanoma


Susitikimai, skirti sudėtingiems jojimo teorijos klausimams narplioti.
Išskirtinis dėmesys klasikinio jojimo teorijai, biomechanikai ir psichologijai

Žirgų treniravimas

Žirgų ruošimas dailiąjam jojimui nuo pagrindų iki Didžiojo Prizo, profesionalus gimnastinis kitų disciplinų bei mėgėjiškam jojimui skirtų žirgų treniravimas

Perkantiems žirgą

Profesionali pagalba perkant žirgą: įsivardinant prioritetus, vertinant charakterį, fizinius duomenis, tinkamumą pasirinktai karjerai


Teisėjavimas tarptautinio ir nacionalinio lygio varžybose su FEI Level 1 ir Lietuvos žirginio sporto federacijos L3 ir YH teisėjo kategorijomis